Anorexia: Do not judge, help!

anorexia-mirror-picture-ross-brownIn recent years the problem of anorexia has become increasingly well-known but not well-understood. Often I’ve seen girls forced to eat by ignorant parents, boys humiliated for their thinness, women worried by the advance of menopause deprive themselves of too much food finding justifications that existed only in their minds. But what is anorexia? Anorexia is a mental disorder, with physical consequences, which tries to find the control of the world aroud the patient through the control of body weight. Those who suffer from this disease develops a terrifying fear of gaining weight, often as a result of a diet, a family, school or work in which they feel humiliated for their body or for perfectionism in wanting to mimic the patterns imposed in the mass media (the reasons are far more numerous and complex, vary from individual to individual but I took some writing to give you an idea). The main…

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